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Pennsylvania enjoys a rich hunting tradition that dates back to 1683, when hunting was first permitted on all lands under William Penn’s charter.

Senator Teplitz is working to ensure that local hunting and fishing enthusiasts have their voices heard in the legislative process. He formed a Sportsmen’s Advisory Committee, which is made up of citizens of the district who are interested in hunting, fishing, conservation, and other outdoor activities. The committee meets to discuss legislation and issues that affect sportsmen and sportswomen.

Senator Teplitz supports the Second Amendment and the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, defend themselves and their families, and enjoy the traditions of hunting. At the same time, he also believes that lawmakers have an obligation to respond in a constructive and productive way to the recent incidents of violence across the country. He is focusing his efforts on areas of common ground and common sense, such as keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, and unsupervised children.


  • Reduced Fee Hunting and Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans: Senate Bill 1102 creates reduced fee hunting and fishing licenses for disabled veterans residing in the Commonwealth. This bill was signed into law as Act 81 of 2014. (co-sponsor)
  • Veteran Hunting and Fishing License Disability Exemption: Senate Bill 1090 (Act 80 of 2014) allows veterans rated at less than 100 percent disabled but paid at the 100 percent rate due to unemployability to be eligible for a free hunting and fishing license. This bill was signed into law as Act 80 of 2014(co-sponsor)
  • Game Commission Board Term Limits: Senate Bill 895 adds an additional level of accountability and oversight of the Pennsylvania Game Commission by reducing the length of each term of service for members of the agency’s Board of Commissioners, while allowing for multiple terms of continued service. This bill was signed into law as Act 26 of 2014(co-sponsor)
  • Camp Roster Requirement Nullification: Senate Bill 763 removes the antiquated requirement for the inspection of camp rosters by the Game Commission. This bill was signed into law as Act 103 of 2013(co-sponsor)
  • Landowner Liability Protection: Senate Bill 648 ensures landowners allowing hunting on their property are not subject to prosecution for Code violations committed by the hunters whom the landowner has allowed to hunt. This bill was signed into law as Act 83 of 2013(co-sponsor)
  • Adult Mentored Hunting Program: Senate Bill 623 encourages adults in Pennsylvania to experience hunting by participating in an adult mentored hunting program established and implemented by the PA Game Commission. This bill was signed into law as Act 7 of 2013(co-sponsor)



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