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Chief Warrant Officer Matthew Ruffner Condolence

Senate Resolution 93 notes with deep sadness the death of Army Warrant Officer Matthew Ruffner (Chief Warrant Officer 3), a pilot serving with the Pennsylvania National Guard who died in the line of duty in eastern Afghanistan on April 9, 2013.

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Senate Resolution 78 designates the month of April 2013 as “Distracted Driving Awareness Month” in Pennsylvania.

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Lottery Private Management Restrictions

Senate Bill 772 modifies the state’s Lottery Law to prohibit a private management company, management level employees, or any of its subsidiaries from making political contributions or giving gifts to any political candidate, state party, or organization that makes donations to a candidate. The bill also prohibits any executive level public employee, public official, party officer, or any of their immediate family members from being employed by or holding a financial interest in the private manager of the Pennsylvania Lottery or any of the manager’s subsidiaries during their time of employment, and for one year beyond the termination of their employment. The bill also fixes a significant current issue in the Ethics Act by exempting current lottery employees who would otherwise be barred from working for the private manager for one year. The bill also requires the chief executive of the management company to provide an annual certification that proper safeguards have been put in place to ensure that these prohibitions have been met.

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Lobbying Reform

Senate Bill 697 prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars by all three branches of state government to hire outside lobbyists to lobby other state government agencies.

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Open Primaries

Senate Bill 696 allows registered Independents to temporarily change their registration status so that they can vote in primary elections.

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No Lame-Duck Sessions

Senate Bill 695 prohibits the General Assembly from holding votes in even-numbered years during the period of time between the general election and the swearing in of the new legislature, with an exception for special sessions called by the governor.

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Suspension of Pay for Late Budget

Senate Bill 694 suspends pay for both the governor and members of the General Assembly if the state budget is not passed by the midnight June 30 deadline.

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Elimination of Annual Legislative COLAs

Senate Bill 692 eliminates the automatic annual mid-term cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for legislators. Senate Bill 693 amends the state constitution to make clear that no legislator can receive a COLA in the middle of a term.

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Independent Audits of the General Assembly

Senate Bill 690 amends the state constitution to authorize an independent audit of the General Assembly and its accounts by the Auditor General.  Senate Bill 691 requires that those audits be conducted annually.

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Charter Day

Senate Resolution 45 observes March 14, 2013, as “Charter Day” in Pennsylvania.


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